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  • SMS Messaging

    SMS messaging through zamano is the most adaptable, efficient and cost-effective means of mass communication. Use us to increase your customer engagement and loyalty. Our custom built, cloud based SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) enables broadcast messaging, interactive communications and mobile publishing through our application suite. We offer dedicated account management, competitive pricing and expert advice based on our 14 years experience in SMS.

    Easy to Connect

    Our SMS Messaging Gateway can be used directly from your own application through our API. The platform supports both A2P (Application to Person) and two-way SMS messaging which are all enabled through an SMPP or HTTP Get API. Our Dublin based support team will help you in your messaging service deployment and are there to support your business 24/7.

    Global Reach

    We are a tier one SMS aggregator with direct connections to all mobile network operators in Ireland and the UK giving us delivery quality on par with peer to peer messaging. Our aggregation partnerships give us the ability to deliver messaging worldwide and reach 94% of worldwide phones.

  • zamano Messaging Gateway

Key Features

  • Inbound Number

    Receive SMS messages directly into your application with a virtual inbound number. This number can be shared or dedicated depending on your requirements.

  • Delivery Confirmation

    We provide asynchronous delivery reports on messages directly to your application through our API. Available in SMPP or HTTP.

  • Dynamic SenderID

    Our API enables users to dynamically adjust the sender field of their messages for an improved user experience and better conversion rate.

  • VPN Tunnelling

    For enterprise clients who require robust security, we provide redundant VPN tunnelling to ensure the integrity of the connection.

  • Expert Advice

    Founded in 2000, we have unrivaled expertise in messaging. Our expert advice will enable you achieve the best results for your business.

  • Assured Delivery

    We monitor the performance of each message for delivery quality and re-route if necessary to ensure your message reaches its target when you want it.

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