Mobile Payments

  • Our Mobile Payment Solution

    zamano enables your customers to pay for goods and services by applying a charge against their mobile phone bill. Customers can simply click to buy using any device or network connection.

    zamano’s mobile payment and digital sales funnel manages users through an optimised workflow to achieve the best results for your business. The system dynamically optimises your customer’s journey based on the following criteria:

    • User’s device;
    • User’s history / past behaviour;
    • User’s location;
    • Product / service the user is purchasing;
    • Data connection type.

    Why we are Different

    We are more than just a payment provider. As well as being mobile payment specialists, we are also experts in digital marketing. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we also provide our customers with a dynamic sales funnel that is optimised at every decision point to achieve the maximum conversions for you. Making a mobile payment can be as easy as clicking a button or entering a mobile number. Ease of use and higher conversion rates are what sets zamano’s mobile payment mechanism apart from traditional online payment methods.

    Feedback Loop

    The entire platform is underpinned by a sophisticated analytics and real time reporting system. Campaign performance is benchmarked against historical data using Big Data algorithms.

  • zamano's Digital Sales Funnel

Key Features

  • Templated Approach

    The system is based on a templated workflow which is configurable to your specific requirements. Our easy to use system allows rapid deployment of your digital marketing concepts.

  • Robust Monitoring

    Variances outside pre-defined thresholds of benchmarked metrics (traffic, revenue, conversion rate) will trigger automatic re-routing.

  • Dynamic Model

    Key metrics are updated in real time and compared against benchmarked performance levels.

  • Secure Identification

    We securely authenticate a user’s identity which is robustly verified by independent third parties.

  • MNO Relationships

    zamano is a tier one SMS aggregator with long standing relationships with all UK and Irish Mobile Networks Operators with deep integrations into their systems.

  • Responsive Approach

    Our platform is fully responsive and written in HTML5. It will automatically render an intuitive user experience for all devices be they smartphone, tablet or desktop.