Zamano Future-Proofs Operations, Saves Money & Protects The Environment

zamano has recently replaced its entire legacy hardware platform with a new, best of breed database and virtualised server environment. The increasing data-intensive demands of the mobile internet made this future proofing a business imperative.

Commenting, Enda Farrell, CTO at zamano, stated “Virtualising was the obvious solution for us. In parallel, we have taken the opportunity to size an Enterprise level storage solution that will serve future needs. We virtualized 30 web and application servers and reduced our datacenter footprint and power usage by over 50%. Overall operating cotss are expected to drop by over 50%”

HETG were zamano’s chosen partner for the design and roll out “We are delighted that the three key objectives of this project, namely reduced costs, easier management and a reduction in our carbon footprint have all been achieved. Providing great applications is our core business and we are very confident the platform we have in place now enhances our abilities”, concludes Farrell.


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