Zamano Launches New Regulatory Guidelines

Following a summer-long review, and a series of consultations with industry regulators in the UK and Ireland, Zamano has launched a new set of guidelines and internal procedures to guarantee compliance with changing industry regulations. In the face of many new developments in the mobile content space, and ever-increasing customer awareness, Zamano is taking pro-active steps to enhance consumer confidence. In addition, the Group is fully engaged in defining – together with Mobile Network Operators, regulators and other leading players – new measures to bolster such confidence, taking into account the new payment and billing services currently being introduced in key markets.

Major elements of the new procedures include:

  • Increased auditing and monitoring of all services and service providers
  • The appointment of a customer care manager, reporting to Zamano’s CFO, responsible for customer advocacy
  • Increased investment in I.T. facilities for call centre staff dealing directly with consumers
  • Increased training of all customer-facing staff to improve awareness of compliance codes
  • A commitment to ceasing business relationships with companies not similarly committed to regulatory compliance

Commenting on the introduction of the new internal code, Zamano CEO noted “We have committed very significant resources to a complete overhaul of our procedures, and have engaged in great detail with regulators to understand and fix the challenges we have faced. Most importantly, all staff are fully aware of their responsibilities to enforce the code and to ensure our partners are fully committed to customer care. We see this as a vital foundation for the future growth and prosperity of Zamano and the mobile content industry”


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