Zamano Solutions supports The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation’s County Text Appeal

The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation provides direct funding to families of children with brain damage who suffer severe intellectual and physical developmental delay, enabling them to purchase home nursing care and respite.  These are children who as a result of their condition require intensive home nursing care. The Foundation gives these families the Gift of time, time to do the things that we so often take for granted like a night’s sleep, going shopping, meeting friends or taking the other children to the park. Today, Jack Jill has 270 children under its wing spread across every county in Ireland and it has looked after 1400 families since it was set up in 1997.

From today, Zamano’s platform will facilitate a donation of €5 via text to support families in all 26 counties. Over €4 of every text goes directly to The Jack Jill Children’s Foundation.

To donate €5 to support families in your county simply text your county name to 57034. (eg Dublin to 57034)

“The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation provide a priceless support to families who care for children with severe disabilities. I’m delighted that zamano can help in this regard, by providing the technology to enable localised text-based fundraising.” John O’Shea, CEO Zamano Plc

“We want to thank Zamano for getting our County Text campaign up and running.  We believe that charity begins at home and this text campaign makes that aspiration real by giving people a practical way to support families in their community.  By texting your chosen county to 57034, you pledge a fiver to support families in that county.  Thank you.” Jonathan Irwin, CEO and Founder of the Jack Jill Children’s Foundation


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